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Memphis Bound for the 2023 International Blues Challenge! 

We are proud to announce that on May 22nd, 2022, Deuce 'n a Quarter won the Columbus Blues Challenge! That make Deuce 'n a Quarter the only three-time winner of the CBA blues challenge. So, they will be representing the Columbus Blues Alliance in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN, January 24th-28th 2023. 


God Bless and Good Blues to You!

New Music Coming Soon - 2023 Deuce 'n a Quarter

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Memphis or Bust!

It's no easy task trying to make it in the music business and needless to say, it's even tougher trying to make it in the smaller blues business. With that being said, blues is our business so, we do whatever we can to keep the blues alive and chase down our dream of making it as far as we possibly can as blues musicians. We all have to give up a week's salary to go to Memphis and compete not to mention there's no pay for our performance. Between gas, food, lodging and new stage outfits for the five of us alone is unmanageable. Then we have to add on the expense of bringing our better halves for support, so everything doubles. 

I have had to learn the hard way of asking for help. I normally under no circumstance would I ask for donations. I have always worked for everything I have, or I go without. I know that many of you feel the same way or have felt similar and would never ask for help. But what I have found out, is that I hate to receive gifts and donations, but I love to give help in any and every way that I can. I am always disappointed when I miss an opportunity to help when friends in need, who don't bother to ask for desperately needed help. So, after all that, here's my big ask!

I am asking for two of three things... one, whatever positive vibes and prays that you can lift up for our safe travels and luck in the competition. Two, any monetary donation that you can make to help make the expense a little more manageable. Three, for you to find nothing but peace, love and prosperity throughout the rest of the year and 2023. So please click the link below and donate and or drop us a line of encouragement or simply live you best life. Thank you! 

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